Welcome to Exhale

Hello and Welcome! Here at Exhale Massage Studio it's all about you. I am committed to your comfort, your satisfaction, your well-being. No two massages are alike because no two people are! Every massage I do is customized to your needs at the appointment. If all you are looking for is to relax and unwind, then a Swedish massage may be all you need. If you are in need of deeper work to release tense muscles, then I include deep tissue work on those areas. It's your call.

About Me

penny carlsonMy name is Penny Carlson and I am the owner of Exhale Massage Studio. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist with the State of Wisconsin. I practice on the basis and belief that massage is truly a healing channel...

My Services

At Exhale, you don't have to choose between one type of massage over another. You get it all in one of my Signature Massages. I offer a distinct and specific range of time options and prices to suit every budget.

Signature "It's All About You" Massage
A customized 30-90 minute massage starting as low as $35!
Wonderfully Relaxing Scalp Massage
20 minutes for $20.


Learn how to get a free massage by referring a friend or get 15 minutes free by coming in on your birthday month! Call: 715-432-1961 to make an appointment or click "Read More" to learn about these specials.